Shattered Dev - Shane

Hi there, I'm Shane

I am a full-stack developer that likes to help people build stuff. Websites, marketplaces, hopes, dreams, etc.

So I started Shattered Development

And now I can do it all the time.

When I'm not doing that

I'm a Sharetribe Specialist, Rubyist, React...ivist(?), and a few other things.

I’ve been developing for almost a decade. You pick up a few things along the way. Languages mostly, but also database admin, networking, SEO and some E-Commerce.

Throughout that time, I’ve gone to school (for multiple things), built stuff for myself, built stuff for others, and worked remotely for a number of cool startups.

Designing solutions and working with tech is truly a passion for me. Development, backend design and connectivity are where I feel most comfortable, but working with frontend frameworks and design offer unique rewards as well.


Get In Touch

Fire me off an email by clicking *here*.

This profile is currently a work in progress, so if you have some suggestions feel free to send them my way.